Forget the Club Open Air W/ Gordo


If you are thinking of coming to Madrid and you don’t know what to do, but you love festivals, electronic music and having a good time surrounded by a good atmosphere, you can’t miss Forget the Club Open Air W/ Gordo, the biggest electronic, house and tech house music festival at the moment.

And it is that, whether or not you have come to Madrid, now you will get to know the famous and beloved Tierno Galván park in a different way, by the best DJs and in an incredible atmosphere. Keep reading and discover how to get your tickets and attend this long-awaited festival.

The festival

Enjoy the most festive atmosphere with Gordo and the best live DJs thanks to the event that will take place in the Spanish capital, by the hand of Forget the Club Open Air, where you can enjoy Gordo accompanied by top DJs of the most listened to, in the best outdoor environment in the Tierno Galván park in Madrid.

An event whose reservations include access with a personalized reception, preferential visibility and waiter/hostess service at the table throughout the festival. Undoubtedly the most anticipated for lovers of electronic, house and tech house music.

And it is that, recently arrived from Coachella, the DJ and music producer Gordo brings his exciting tech house sets to Madrid at Forget the Club. This famous festival manages to bring together the best live electronic, house and tech house DJs on a single stage surrounded by nature.

You can choose your ticket depending on your priorities and preferences. Those under 18 will not be able to access the festival. On the other hand, all those who want will be able to have exclusive access to two types of reserved tables from which to see the festival from a special point in the park and enjoy the best music with their friends in a more closed and close environment.

Options that include Forget the Club Open Air W/ Gordo

If you want something more special and reserved, you can buy your ticket with access to the most secret experience, at an exclusive table, just for you and your family, where you will get a unique and unique memory of this experience:

  • You can choose a table of up to 6 people with 1 bottle and soft drinks included (you must take into account that the location of the table will be in order of arrival at the event)
  • You can also choose a VIP table for up to 6 people that includes 2 bottles and soft drinks (this time they will reserve a special place for you in the front row on the terrace)

Dates, times and prices

  • Forget the Club Open Air Date W/ Gordo

It will only be on June 18.

  • Festival hours: From 4:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.
    Festival hours: From 4:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Duration: 8 hours approx.

  • Forget the Club Open Air W/ Gordo Prices

Advance general admission for €25

Advance general admission 2nd release for €30

Advance general admission 3rd release for €35

Reserved at a table for 6 people for €500

Reserved at a VIP table for 6 people for €1,000

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