Madrid Guide

Madrid castiza, city of a thousand opportunities, with classical architecture and a non-conformist atmosphere It is where restless spirits are born and dreamers come to settle Who has never fantasized about a stroll through the city streets, admiring the lights and enjoying the best climate on a terrace? Today, you can.

Our Madrid Guide, created especially for you by our expert and passionate team about the capital, will provide you with all the information you need if you are a newcomer to the city: gastronomy, tourism, practical information, leisure, culture and much more.

How does the saying go? From Madrid to heaven… and a little hole to see it.



The public transportation system in Madrid is one of the most recognized internationally due to its extensive network of metro, bus, suburban trains, and trams.

Additionally, it is the hub for travels throughout Spain. Did you know that?


What to do in Madrid?

All the plans, activities and must-see stops on your trip that you haven’t been told about so far: the musicals, cinemas, zoo, planetarium and much more that bring the city to life every day. Are you going to miss it?


The city

Do you know all the places of interest in the capital? Madrid is huge, with over 6 million inhabitants walking its streets every day, and that’s why the variety of opportunities to discover is immense We’ll show you.


Leisure and festivals

Join the party and experience the lively nightlife of Madrid with your friends in the best places in the city. And if you’re looking for festivals

we’ve got a double dose! Come and discover the must-see events on the agenda for your getaway in the capital.


Weather in Madrid

Whether Madrid is a cold or hot city will depend on the time of your trip and the current weather conditions, but in general, the capital enjoys a continental Mediterranean climate that is envied by other countries. Come and discover it!


Plans and Trips

If you are looking for an alternative plan in nature or planning a family trip, we have got you covered! Discover the must-see places for your getaway: activities for kids, Halloween events, or ideas for a romantic trip.

A trip to the Sierra? Here you have it all!


Information of Interest

All the information you need before traveling to Madrid: city safety, healthcare and hospitals, emergencies, and much more.

Plan your trip with the greatest organization according to your needs.


Where to eat in Madrid?

Who said ‘eating’? If Madrid is known for something, it is its typical and varied gastronomy.

Don’t miss the opportunity to taste the famous cocido, delicious callos madrileños or the famous bocadillo de calamares in the most traditional places of the city. We’ll show you the best addresses to satisfy your taste buds.

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