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If you are planning your trip to Madrid or its surroundings, it is important to take into account the holidays and public holidays that could be decisive and affect your plans. In addition to national holidays, there are also local and regional holidays that may impact your visit and alter your plans.

It is also important to keep in mind that some holidays are moved to the next working day, so it is advisable to check the exact dates to avoid unexpected surprises.

You should also take into account these holidays in Madrid since it is possible that some places of interest may be closed during these festivities.

Citing the warning, we will present the following useful guide about the calendar of public holidays in Madrid in 2023 for you to plan your visit in advance, whether you want to prevent or enjoy.

Holidays in the Community of Madrid

  • January 1st: New Year
  • January 6th: Epiphany of the Lord (Three Wise Men).
  • March 19: San José. The Community of Madrid moves the public holiday to Monday the 20th
  • April 6th: Maundy Thursday
  • April 7: Good Friday
  • May 1st: Labor Day
  • May 2nd: Day of the Community of Madrid
  • May 15th: San Isidro Labrador
  • August 15: Assumption of the Virgin
  • October 12th: Columbus Day
  • November 1st: Feast of All Saints
  • November 9th: Virgen de la Almudena
  • December 6th: Spanish Constitution Day
  • December 8th: Immaculate Conception
  • December 25th: Nativity of the Lord

What is celebrated on the main holidays in Madrid? Other calendar dates 2023

New Year's Day - January 1

In Madrid, the New Year’s Eve celebration is concentrated in the Puerta del Solwhere thousands of people gather to welcome the new year. At midnight, the clock at the Casa de Correos strikes twelve, and people hug, toast and throw confetti and streamers.

After the chimesmany places offer the traditional traditional chocolate with churros to regain strength. It is a magical night full of joy.

Festivities of San Antón - January 17

On Tuesday, January 17thevery year, Madrid celebrates the feast of San Antónon which the popular popular blessing of the animals. The program includes several days of activities, such as the High Mass, the proclamation, the Vueltas de San Antón and the Solemn Mass.

In addition, dog shows, lectures and dog shows, conferences and activities for children.. This 2023, January 17 was also a Tuesday, allowing Madrid residents to enjoy a holiday that honors the special relationship between people and animals.

Chinese New Year - January 22

In this year 2023, the Year of the celebrated the Year of the Rabbit. To commemorate this occasion, an extensive cultural program was organized in collaboration with the Chinese embassy.

The most anticipated event was the Great Multicultural Paradewhich went through the streets of Usera with spectacular traditional Chinese costumes, parades, giant lions and dragons, as well as luminous elements that gave life to a traditional festivity.

Carnival - Between February 17 and 22 this year 2023.

Carnival is a celebration that takes place immediately prior to Lent, and which, because of this, has a variable date, usually between February and March. The festivities program includes a proclamation, a large-scale parade, murgas and chirigotas, a masked dance, as well as typical Madrid processions and the traditional cloak ceremony for the puppet. The festivity culminates with the Burial of the Sardine ritual, which is celebrated in the hermitage of San Antonio de la Florida. This year the carnival was held in Madrid between February 17 and 22.

Easter Week - April 2 to 9 in 2023

Easter Weekthis year, 2023, will take place between April 2 and 9Holy Thursday, the 6th, and Good Friday, the 7th, are holidays in the calendar. This festival is known for attracting a large number of visitors, who can enjoy an extensive program of activities.

Visit the attractions attractions that the city offers during these dates include the processions, the music processions, the music in the churches, the tamborrada and the saetas in the streets, all of which make thewhich makes Holy Week a unique and special celebration.

Celebrations of May 2

The long weekend of activities held in Madrid as a result of theas a result of the union of the the Community Day and the Labor Day on May 1, results in a series of days full of entertainment.results in a series of days full of entertainment.

This year 2023, the bridge will be extended by adding two holidays to the weekend. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of variety of activitiesincluding music festivals music festivals, concerts, film screenings, Mayan festivals and the traditional Goyesca bullfight.

In addition, the Malasaña neighborhood has a specific program of activities, in which the popular Comida del Traje (Costume Lunch) is a representative activity.

Festivities of San Isidro - May 15.

At honoring the patron saint of the citya series of festivities will be held around May 15, which are scheduled for this year 2023 between the 6th and 15th. are scheduled for this year 2023 between the 6th and 15th.

A wide variety variety of activities awaits awaits visitors, including concerts, dances concerts, dances, parades, games, environmental activities, storytelling, children’s workshops, urban gardens, chulapas and chulapos.

La Pradera de San Isidro is the place The most crowded during this festivity, since the popular pilgrimage is celebrated. However, other scenarios are also part of the celebration, such as Las Vistillas, the Rosaleda and the Retiro Park, among others.

MADO Madrid Pride - From June 23 to July 2 this year 2023

Gay Pride in Madrid is a huge annual festival that celebrates the diversity and and inclusion of the LGBT+ community.

With parades, concerts and partiesIt attracts millions of visitors and is an opportunity to fight discrimination and promote equality. It is an emblematic festival and showcases the city’s vibrant culture.

August Festivities - August 4 to August 15 this year 2023

Every year in August the festivities of San Cayetano festivities of San Cayetano, San Lorenzo and the Virgen de la Paloma in Madrid.. In 2023, the following are expected between days 4 and 15. The neighborhoods of Lavapiés and La Latina are the main venues for the festivities, which include traditional dances, open-air dances and concerts of different musical genres.

The final days of the festivities are the most crowded and take place in Las Vistillas and the Carrera de San Francisco are the most crowded and take place in Las Vistillas and Carrera de San Francisco.. These festivities are an opportunity to experience the culture and tradition of Madrid, and to enjoy the lively atmosphere that is created in the streets during these festive days.

Festivities of the Almudena - November 9th

On November 9 Madrid celebrates the feast of the Virgin of the Almudenapatron saint of the city.

During the processionwhich goes from the Plaza Mayor to the the Cathedralfloral offerings are made in honor of the Virgin. In addition, in the previous days, the bakeries of the center prepare the traditional dessert dedicated to the Virgin, known as the Crown of Almudena.

Although it is a very local festivity, the Virgen de la Almudena is very important for the people of Madrid and represents an opportunity to enjoy the culture and tradition of the city.

The December long weekend - December 6 to December 8

During the Constitution Day and the Immaculate Conception, which are celebrated onwhich are celebrated on December 6 and 8Madrid fills up with visitors. The city dresses up with the Christmas Illumination and Christmas markets are opened in different parts of the city.

During this long weekend, visitors can enjoy a large number of events and a large number of events, such as thesuch as the Gospel Festival or the Juvenalia children’s leisure fair.. It is also a perfect opportunity to taste the famous nougats and marzipans of Madrid.

The long weekend of the Constitution and the Immaculate Conception is one of the most special times of the year in Madrid and a perfect opportunity to enjoy the city and all it has to offer at Christmas.

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