Madrid Tourist Voucher

Are you planning to visit the Community of Madrid in the coming months? It’s your lucky day! If you are here, you may not yet know all that the Bono Turístico de Madrid, the latest novelty in terms of aid, can offer you, and we anticipate that it is one of the best valued by travelers.

A voucher of up to 600€ that will allow you to visit many of the capital’s cultural spaces, events and unique museums, all in order to encourage tourism in the city and boost consumption in establishments and stores.

What is the Bono Turístico de Madrid?

Let’s start at the beginning. The Bono Turístico de Madrid is an initiative of the Madrid City Council and the Community of Madrid to promote and support the tourism sector in the city. It consists of a voucher that offers discounts and advantages in different tourist attractions and services in the city.

This will cover up to 50% of the expenses during the trip to the Spanish capital, with a maximum of 600 euros. maximum of 600 euros.

It can be divided into two types: the Bono Turístico de Madrid Centro, which offers exclusive promotions at attractions in the city center, and the Bono Turístico de Madrid, with special offers throughout the city, including public transportation.

Requirements to obtain the Tourist Voucher

The Bono Turístico de Madrid already has hundreds of requests, but, before starting the application process, it is important to take into account the different requirements imposed by the Community:

Being a Spanish citizen or legally residing in the territory.

Overnight stay of at least one night in the city of Madrid; two, if transportation is included in the voucher amount.

It must be made 10 calendar days prior to the enjoyment of the services.

The period in which this voucher may be used is 40 days.

Apply for your Bono Cultural within the established deadlines.

How and where to obtain the Madrid Tourist Card?

The Madrid Tourist Voucher can be obtained easily and simply at authorized points of sale or on the official website of Madrid Tourism, where you will have to follow the following process:

Deadlines to apply for the Bono Turístico

The deadlines to access the Madrid Tourist Voucher have been extended in recent months, being able to apply between November 16 and May 15. between November 16 and May 15. of this 2023. You still have time, but don’t let it pass you by!

How do I use the Madrid Tourist Voucher?

You don’t have to worry about anything! The Voucher is very easy to use and you will not have to start with heavy paperwork after your trip, such as requesting the budget spent and granted.

First you must select the tourist sites you wish to visit and check that they accept the voucher. In most cases, the participating spaces have a distinctive sign indicating this. Therefore, once presented at the entrance, it will be instantly validated and redeemed for a ticket.

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