Police and security in Madrid

You are soon to travel to the city of Madrid, either for work or pleasure, and you do not know if it is a safe city or what is the protection system that governs the country. Living in the capital of Spain is one of the destinations not only of tourists who see it for the first time and fall in love with it, but also of many Spaniards who dream about it.

However, security in Madrid is a key point to become a citizen, and everyone wants to be part of a city widely protected by the security forces. Do you have any doubts? We tell you everything you need to know before you visit.

Is Madrid a safe city?

Spain, as a country, is one of the safest territories in the world, and has Security Forces and Corps that many others would envy to maintain order in each of its communities. Each of them has a difference, as they may be governed by different institutions.

In the case of Madrid, it has two bodies: the National Police, in charge of citizen security, and the Municipal Police, in charge of managing traffic in the city and other specifications of the office. We’ll tell you more about them later!

What do I do if I am in an emergency in Madrid?

If you are in Madrid and find yourself in an emergency situation, don’t worry, there is a perfectly manicured system so that you can get the help you need with just one call.

Be sure to describe the situation clearly and accurately. State what type of emergency it is (e.g., traffic accident, fire, medical emergency, etc.) and provide the exact address where you are located.

Follow the operators’ instructions on what to do until help arrives. And very important: don’t hang up the phone. Remember that it is important to know the exact address of where you are so that help can arrive as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, if you need any of the security forces of the Community of Madrid, here are the quick phone numbers:

What types of Security Forces are there in Madrid?

In the Community of Madrid, there are several security forces in charge of maintaining security and public order in the region. The main ones would be the following:

National Police

It is a state security body in charge of maintaining public order and citizen security throughout the national territory. In Madrid, the National Police has a strong presence on the streets and is responsible for investigating crimes and protecting public safety.

Municipal Police

It is the local security force responsible for maintaining public order and public safety in the municipalities of the Community of Madrid. The Municipal Police are in charge of managing traffic, regulating the circulation of people and vehicles, and collaborate in ensuring the control of public events.

Civil Guard

It is another security body in charge of citizen security and maintaining public order throughout the national territory. However, more specifically in Madrid, the Guardia Civil has a significant presence in rural areas and in the surveillance of roads and borders.

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