Cinemas in Madrid

Thinking of spending Saturday afternoon eating popcorn and watching the latest premiere in a Madrid cinema?? The good thing about living in such a big city is that you have the chance to visit screening rooms of all kinds, from those with indie and alternative films, to the most modern ones with the latest releases.

It is even common for many cinemas in Madrid to hide private events or live shows by the most famous comedians in the capital, such as Proyecciones Cinesa de Fuencarral. Therefore, you just have to search for your favorite movie and find out where it is released.

How many cinemas are there in Madrid?

The capital has a wide network of cinemas to project a wide variety movies. of billboard If we search on Google where to find the closest ones, it is most likely that the best known and closest to your location will appear, but the reality is different.

Madrid hosts a total of 492 cinema screens, which translates into almost 411,000 seats and 11 summer theaters.. You can even opt for screenings at the Madrid drive-in, an open-air cinema to watch your favorite movies by car.

How much does a movie ticket cost in Madrid?

The price of a cinema ticket in Madrid can vary depending on several factors, such as the location of the cinema, the type of cinema, if it is a 3D projection, in IMAX format or in VOSE. In addition, there may also be price differences depending on the movie franchise that is attended.

In general, the average price of a movie ticket in Madrid can range between 5 and 8 euros, although there may be differences depending on the aforementioned circumstances. It is recommended that you check the website or box office of the specific theater you plan to attend for more accurate information on ticket prices.


Billboard in Madrid: what movies are being released?

The films in premiere and billboard will differ depending on the type of cinema and the franchise, so it is important that before buying your ticket you review the options; You will be able to find the latest cinematics or alternative films, in OST or in Spanish depending on the room you go to.

Where can I buy my ticket for the cinema in Madrid?

If you want to buy your ticket online, you just have to access the website of the company in charge or of the cinema in Madrid, choose the free seats that you like best and pay through their online platform.

Another option is to purchase your tickets through the traditional method: go to the theater and buy them at the cinema box office.

Buying in vending machines is another alternative, although the least frequently used. Some cinemas offer the option to buy your tickets from vending machines located inside the cinema using your mobile phone.


The 5 best cinemas in Madrid: which one should I go to?

As we have already mentioned, there are almost 500 cinema screens throughout the Community of Madrid, so the main step is to identify which one is closest to you or which is the best around you. We are going to tell you which are the best valued:


Kinépolis is a cinema chain that has several locations in Madrid and throughout Spain. It is characterized by offering a premium cinema experience, with giant screens, surround sound, 4K and 3D projections, comfortable seats and a wide variety of movies on its billboard.

In addition to film screenings, Kinépolis also offers special events and film festivals, such as the San Sebastián Film Festival or the classic film series “The film of your life”, which presents a selection of iconic films from the history of cinema.


Cinesa Proyecciones

Cinesa Proyecciones is a cinema located in Fuencarral Street in Madrid, which has 8 rooms and a total capacity of more than 1,500 seats. Its rooms are equipped with large screens, high-quality sound and projection in digital format.

These cinemas, which are some of the best known in the city, offer a wide variety of films on their billboards, from the latest Hollywood releases to national and international productions, documentaries and animated films.

OCine Urban Caleido

The latest novelty in the city of Madrid for VO movie lovers, since it is about movie theaters located at Paseo de la Castellana, 259, in the shopping center of the fifth tower in the financial area of ​​Chamartín in Madrid.

But that’s not the best! It is one of the first cinemas that has up to 6 immersive rooms with surround sound and seats shaped like sofas and armchairs, creating a unique space to enjoy the latest movies as if you were in your own home.


Cinesa Príncipe Pío

Cinesa Príncipe Pío is a cinema complex located in the center of Madrid, on Paseo de la Florida, very close to Parque del Oeste. It is one of the largest and most popular cinemas in the city, with a wide variety of movies and services.

The complex has 15 cinemas equipped with the latest technology, including large screens and surround sound, which provide an immersive and high-quality cinema experience. In addition, it has an IMAX room, which offers an even more immersive movie experience thanks to its giant screen and high-fidelity sound.

Cine Ideal

And for the most nostalgic? The Cine Ideal de Madrid is one of the most emblematic of the city in the historic center of the capital, and it has been offering a wide variety of films and cultural events to the people of Madrid in the area for more than a century.

The building is an example of early 20th century architecture, with a modernist-style façade and an interior that has been renovated to offer a modern and comfortable cinema experience. Of course, it has a single cinema with capacity for 250 spectators!

Although its size is modest compared to other cinemas in the city, Cine Ideal is very popular among Madrid moviegoers and tourists, due to its wide range of auteur films, independent films, documentaries and classic films.

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