Suburban Madrid

The Cercanías de Madrid is the second most used alternative to move around the capital, since its wide network of connections throughout the territory not only allows you to visit the most central areas of the city, but also the most remote neighborhoods.

In addition, it becomes a safe option to visit cities like Toledo or Aranjuez, and the favorite for Madrid residents who need to go downtown to work or spend the day. Do you want to know more about this means of transport? Keep reading!

What is the Madrid Cercanías network like?

The Madrid commuter network is a suburban train system that connects the city of Madrid with its surroundings. It has a wide network of lines and stations, which allows easy access to the city and its surroundings.

In addition, it offers high-frequency services and amenities such as air-conditioned trains, ticket sales points, and customer information services. The Madrid commuter network is an efficient and comfortable way to travel in and around the Madrid region.

Madrid suburban train schedules

The schedules of the Cercanías trains in Madrid vary depending on the line and the station of origin and destination. In general, the trains run from early in the morning until very late at night, with frequencies that vary between 4 and 10 minutes during peak hours and between 10 and 30 minutes during off-peak hours.

It is advisable to check the updated timetables on the Renfe website or in the mobile application of the railway company before planning a trip with Cercanías de Madrid. Information and timetables can also be obtained at train stations and ticket offices. .

What are the Cercanías lines in Madrid?

The Madrid Cercanías lines are 8 lines that make up the commuter train system of the Madrid region, Spain, in addition to Line 10 that reaches Puertollano. In order to locate them on the map, the lines are:

  • C-1: Madrid – El Escorial
  • C-2: Madrid – Cuenca
  • C-3: Madrid – Guadalajara
  • C-4: Madrid – Alcázar de San Juan
  • C-5: Madrid – Albacete
  • C-7: Madrid – Valencia
  • C-8: Madrid – Cádiz
  • C-10: Madrid – Puertollano.

What are the prices of the Cercanía de Madrid? Rates and subscriptions

The prices of the Cercanías de Madrid depend on various factors, such as the fare zone, how far in advance the ticket is purchased, and the type of ticket: whether it is a single ticket or a return ticket. In general, the prices for a trip within zone A (which includes Madrid and some nearby towns) range between 2 and 5 euros .

However, you can also get the different subscriptions, reduced rates that allow you to travel frequently on these trains within the Community of Madrid. There are several types of passes available, such as the Monthly Pass, the 10-Journey Pass and the Youth Pass.

Passes generally offer significant discounts on single ticket prices and can be an economical option for those who need to travel frequently on the Madrid Cercanías.

Is it easy to get around on the Madrid suburban train?

Yes, in general, getting around on the Madrid suburban train is easy. The train network is extensive and connects several points in the Community of Madrid, which facilitates access to different areas of the city and its surroundings.

In addition, the stations are usually well signposted and equipped with maps and information screens to make it easier to plan routes. The trains are also usually punctual and have basic services such as air conditioning and free Wi-Fi.. The ultimate for travel comfort!

However, as in any mass public transport system, the Madrid Cercanías can be very crowded at peak times and there may be delays or cancellations of trains due to technical or weather problems. Therefore, it is recommended to plan ahead and be informed about the status of the trains before you travel.

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