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The big city, Madrid, is the place with the greatest influx of traffic in the country, sometimes making it difficult for passengers to move to different areas of the center. They say that, every day, up to 15,000 taxis converge in the entire territory, and this is because the demand for routes is also very high.

If you are one of these people who prefers to get around by Taxi in Madrid, keep reading. We show you a brief guide of everything you need to know before ordering it.

What is the number of taxis in Madrid?

Before ordering a taxi in Madrid, you have to know that these are operated by different companies with different numbers and rates.. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Independent Radio Taxi: 914 05 12 13
  • Madrid Radio Taxi: 915 47 85 00
  • Taxi radiotelephone: 915 47 82 00
  • Servitaximadrid: 913 45 12 46
  • Teletaxi: 913 71 21 31

And, if you want to request a taxi from the airport, you can find companies dedicated to this purpose:

  • Radio Taxi Madrid Airport: 911 76 00 81

Taxi fares in Madrid

Taxi fares in Madrid are regulated by the Madrid City Council and depend on various factors, such as distance travelled, travel time and night fares. In general, the starting fee is €3.10, which includes the first kilometer of the race, but after that, it is calculated based on the distance traveled and speed.

In the case of evening, weekend and public holiday travel, fares may be slightly higher than on weekdays. It is also important to note that It is also important to note that rates may vary depending on demand and supply at the time.

Normally these tend to change, and therefore it is advisable to ask the driver before starting the trip.. You can also check the taxi app you are using to get an estimate of the fare before requesting a ride.

To give an approximate estimate:

  • Flag lowering: from €2.50 to €3.15
  • Price per kilometer: from €1.10 to €1.35
  • Supplement for bus or train stations: €7.50
  • Supplement for trips on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve: €6.50

How are the taxis in Madrid?

Madrid taxis are white vehicles with a yellow diagonal stripe on the rear door and the taxi logo on top. Most of the taxis in Madrid are Mercedes-Benz, Seat or Volkswagen and are equipped with a taximeter to calculate the fare and comply with the security regulations of the Madrid City Council.

In addition, all drivers must have a valid taxi driver’s license and be registered with the Madrid City Council. As in any city, it is important to check the driver’s license number and make sure the meter is working correctly before you start your journey.

How to order a taxi in Madrid?

If you are lost and do not know how to call a taxi driver to pick you up, you should know that there are several ways to request a taxi in Madrid:

In the street

You can look for a taxi in the street and stop it by raising your hand. Make sure it has the logo on top and the yellow diagonal stripe on the tailgate before getting on.

Through a mobile application

You can download an application such as Mytaxi and request a taxi directly from your mobile phone. The application will provide you with information about the driver and the vehicle, as well as the fare estimate.

Through an online service

You can request a taxi online through an online service, which will allow you to reserve it in advance.

In all cases, be sure to check the driver’s license number and verify that the taximeter is working correctly before you start your journey. It is also important to note that rates may vary depending on demand and supply at the time.

Is it comfortable to travel by taxi in Madrid?

As comfortable as private transport, such as your car, can be. In addition, most of the taxis in Madrid are equipped with air conditioning and are comfortable to ride, the drivers being very kind and considerate of your luggage.

However, as in any city, there may be traffic congestion from time to time, which can affect the comfort of the trip. . It is also important to note that some taxi drivers can be more direct and quick in their maneuvers, which can be uncomfortable for some passengers

What are VTCs and how do they differ from Taxis?

When we talk about VTC, we refer to those Vehicles for Transport with Driver, as their acronym indicates, although they can also be called “private transport vehicles”.”. These are vehicles that provide passenger transfer services via mobile applications.

Unlike traditional taxis, they cannot be hailed on the street and cannot pick up passengers at taxi ranks.. Instead, passengers request the service via an app and the chauffeur-driven vehicle arrives at their location to pick them up.

How to request a VTC in Madrid?

Requesting a VTC car in Madrid is very simple, as you only have to do it through one of the mobile applications available in the city, such as Uber, Cabify or Bolt.. Here are the general steps:


Download the corresponding application on your phone and create an account.


Open the application and set your current location on the map or enter the address where you want to be picked up.


Indicate the destination you wish to go to. Confirm your service request and wait for a driver to accept it.


Once you have been assigned a driver, you will be able to see information about him or her, such as name, photo and model, vehicle registration or route to where you are.

At the end of the trip, you can leave comments to rate the driver so that other travellers can take it into account.

As in any city, prices and waiting times may vary depending on the time of day, the location and the demand for the service at the time.

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