Plans and trips

Are you visiting the capital soon but do not know the plans and trips in Madrid for a weekend or a perfect getaway? If the city can boast of something, in addition to its architecture or its historical monuments, it is the wide variety of individual or group activities that it allows you to discover.

Delve into the cobbled and narrow streets of the Barrio de las Letras, choose the most natural alternative spending your trip in a campsite or enjoy plans specially prepared for children or couples in the city that never sleeps (or, at least, the second).

Any option is within your reach, so make plans in Madrid, where literature, history and culture combine to create a unique atmosphere that you will not be able to see in any other city in the world.

What plans in Madrid can I take advantage of during my getaway?

A trip to the capital of Spain should be well scheduled, especially since there are so many alternative leisure plans (you can check it out in the rest of our guide to Madrid) that you will need a good planning to organize your activities, the destination or the event you want to attend according to your companions.

It will not be the same to go to Madrid at Christmas than in summer, traveling with children or with your partner, going for a weekend or 10 days. Every factor counts, and we will put in your hand all the available options in the city of the city so you won’t get bored.


Although Madrid is a big city, it also has a wide variety of natural areas that offer campsites for a relaxing getaway. From camping in the hills near the city to staying in luxury tents, we tell you all the options to not go unnoticed.

Couples plans in Madrid

From dining in an original and romantic restaurant, to strolling through the most traditional area of the capital, the plans for couples in Madrid are endless, as this city offers a wealth of options to enjoy together a vibrant nightlife, a rich culture and beautiful architecture.

Plans with children in Madrid

Thinking of enjoying a family weekend in the capital? Madrid has entertainment and educational options for children of any age, from parks and terraces, through amusement parks to zoos or aquariums, the widest variety of plans in Spain.

Teleworking in Madrid

Telecommuting in Madrid can be an excellent option for those looking to combine work with quality of life in a vibrant, cosmopolitan city, although it is important to keep in mind the latest news on home rentals, supplies and on-site options. We tell you everything!

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