Bungalow Campsites

Madrid is a vibrant and exciting city that attracts thousands of tourists every year. If you are looking for a different accommodation option than conventional hotels, bungalow camping in Madrid may be an excellent option for you.

Located in beautiful natural surroundings, the bungalows offer an additional comfort comfort to that of the tents. The services they usually offer are comfortable beds, private bathrooms, equipped kitchen, and in some cases, air conditioning and television.

Another reason to choose a bungalow campsite in Madrid is that it is usually a cheaper option than hotels. The prices are very reasonable and often offer better value for money.

What is a bungalow campsite?

A bungalow campsite is a type of tourist accommodation that combines the experience of camping with the comfort of having a private and safe place to spend the night.

A bungalow is a cabin or small house made of wood or similar materials, specifically designed to accommodate tourists seeking an alternative to traditional hotels.

In these spaces, guests have the opportunity to enjoy nature at its best, without having to worry about setting up and taking down tents or sleeping in sleeping bags on the ground.

The bungalows are usually equipped with comfortable beds, a kitchenette, a private bathroom, and in some cases, even air conditioning and a television.

Why to choose a bungalow?

A bungalow campsite is a great option for those looking for a carefree and comfortable camping experience.

Thebungalows offer additional comforts such as comfortable beds, private bathrooms, equipped kitchen, and in some cases, air conditioning and television. This means that you can enjoy nature nature without having to give up the comforts of daily life.

Bungalows also offer more privacy than a tent, meaning you have a private space just for you and your family or friends, allowing you to enjoy the camping experience in peace.

Can I bring a pet to my bungalow?

If you have a pet, it is natural for you to wonder if you can take it with you when you stay in a bungalow. The answer to this question may vary depending on each bungalow campsite, since some allow pets and others do not.

Before making your reservation, it is important that you verify if the bungalow campsite allows these types of animals.. If so, you may be required to abide by certain rules and regulations to ensure the safety and well-being of all guests, including your pet

“In case you were wondering”: 5 bungalow campsites in Madrid

Bungalows La Posada

Bungalows La Posada in Cercedilla, in Madrid, is an excellent lodging option for those looking for a carefree and comfortable camping experience. Located in the Sierra de Guadarrama, just 50 km from the capital, this bungalow campsite offers a privileged location surrounded by beautiful landscapes and nature.

These bungalows they are equipped with everything you need to ensure a comfortable and pleasant stay.. The bungalows have capacity for 2, 4 or 6 people, have comfortable beds, private bathroom, equipped kitchen and a small terrace to enjoy the outdoors.

In addition, the bungalows have air conditioning and heating, which makes them ideal for any time of the year.

Rafael's Wooden Suites

Rafael’s Wooden Suites, is a unique and ecological accommodation option for those looking for a different lodging experience in the Spanish capital.

Located in the town of Venturada, just 40 km from Madrid, this wooden accommodation is perfect for those looking for a quiet place surrounded by nature.

The bungalowshave a private terrace and impressive views of the Sierra de Guadarrama, which makes it the ideal place to enjoy the outdoors and the tranquility of nature.

The accommodation also offers a wide variety of services to ensure a pleasant stay, such as an outdoor pool, barbecue area, free parking and free Wi-Fi.

Archpriest campaigns of Hita

The Archpriest Campaigns of Hitaare an ideal option for those looking for a camping experience surrounded by nature in the Madrid mountains.

Located just 60 km from Madrid, this bungalow campsite offers a wide variety of services and amenities to ensure a pleasant and relaxing stay.

The Campañas Arciprestes de Hita bungalows are fully equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay, from kitchen to full bathroom, which allows guests to feel at home.

The company also offers a wide range of outdoor activitiesincluding hiking, mountain biking and bird watching, allowing guests to experience nature at its best.

El Escorial campsite

The bungalows of Camping El Escorial, are an ideal option for those looking for a quiet getaway in contact with nature. This campsite offers a wide variety of benefits for its guests, making it an attractive option for any type of traveler.

One of the advantages of Camping El Escorial is its privileged locationsurrounded by beautiful views and tranquility. In addition, the campsite is close to the El Escorial Monastery, animportant historical and cultural site in Spain.

In addition, the campsite has a large number of services, such as a swimming pool, children’s play area and outdoor activities.

Aranjuez International Campsite

The bungalows of Camping International Aranjuez, are designed to offer a comfortable accommodation experience and allow guests to enjoy a relaxing environment in contact with nature.

In addition, the campsite is just a few minutes from the historic city of Aranjuez, Known for its palaces and gardens.

Another benefit of the bungalows at Camping International Aranjuez is the wide variety of accommodation options available, such as bungalows, caravans and tents. This allows guests to choose the option that best suits their personal needs and preferences.

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