Campgrounds in Madrid

Where the city intertwines with nature, there is a place of retreat where time seems to stand still. In the middle of the trees, surrounded by fresh air and green landscapes, you will find an ideal place for those looking to get away from the monotony of urban life: your campsite in Madrid.

On starry nights in the city, the campsite becomes a cozy refuge where the sounds of nature mingle with the murmurs of conversation and laughter. Here, the light of the bonfires shines brightly, creating a magical and intimate atmosphere.

Do you want to know the campgrounds in Madrid that can not miss on your list? Create the most daring plan with your friends or family and enjoy a moment of disconnection in the nature of the capital. A plan that will allow you to put an end to the “noise” in your head. We’ll tell you more!

Benefits of camping in Madrid

Do you know that traveling to a campsite in Madrid doesn’t have to be boring? We often tend to think that, being the capital and a highly urbanized area, we will not find natural areas at the level of other Spanish provinces.

Yes, we know that the nature of Asturias or Galicia can not be compared in any barometer, but the reality is that there are campsites in Madrid that would surprise you, because they allow access to the best of both worlds. What are the benefits?

You can get there from Madrid in the shortest time possible, when going to another region with more natural areas would take you hours by car.

You enjoy both experiences: the variety and leisure of the capital, and the opportunity to disconnect your phone to connect with friends.

There are more offers than you think! Being in a Community with 6.8 million people, entrepreneurs create a wider variety of camping options in Madrid to meet their demand. And with a unique experience that you won't find anywhere else in the country...

The mountains of Madrid also have breathtaking landscapes and perfect weather conditions to spend two or three days enjoying the mountains. Especially in summer!

What about the views? What a view! You can breathe fresh air while watching the panoramic view of the mountains of Madrid.

The perfect types of campsites for your getaway

The moment of truth has arrived. We show you which are the types of campsites in Madrid that you can not miss if you want to enjoy a natural ecosystem on the outskirts of the city. Ready, set…

Bungalow Campsites

These types of campsites are a popular choice for those looking for a wilderness experience without having to give up the comforts of modern life. A bungalow is a small prefabricated house located outdoors, surrounded by nature and equipped with everything necessary for a stay. Do you want to know the best rated?

Campsites with swimming pool

And in summer… a swimming pool to cool off in the middle of nature! Campsites with swimming pools are an excellent alternative for those who wish to spend their stay or getaway in an outdoor environment and enjoy a refreshing dip while listening to the sound of birds. Discover them all!

Camping Warner

Are you visiting the Warner Amusement Park with your family, and you want a nearby accommodation without spending a lot of money? We have the option (or options) you are looking for, you just have to enter and choose not only your favorite, but the one that can offer you the most activities and benefits during your stay.

Camping Arco Iris

Camping Arco Iris is one of the best known in recent years for its colorful facilities, its activities for children and its wide variety of amenities to make a unique stay in the surroundings of Madrid. You want to know more?

Campsites in the Sierra

The sound of the air and the grass, the birds chirping, the river sounding… there is nothing more relaxing than going to a campsite in the mountains of Madrid. Do you want to discover which are the most famous of the locality? We tell you about them so that you can find absolute tranquility just a few minutes away from the city.

Other campgrounds in Madrid

Do you want to look for a more original or economical option? Don’t worry, because we have also created a list of alternative campsites in Madrid if you haven’t found the perfect one for your vacation. Leave it in our hands!

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