Teleworking in Madrid

Have you ever dreamed of living in the capital? If there is something better than working in the city, it is teleworking in Madrid; something that we could almost call “the Spanish dream”: enjoying leisure, culture and gastronomy alternatives, without having to waste time every day going to a physical office.

More and more, teleworking is becoming the unquestionable option for companies, which are experiencing a brain drain due to not adapting to the new working conditions of the 21st century. Especially of the new generations, who are already stomping.

Is Madrid a good place to telework?

Yes, Madrid can be a good place to telework, but it all depends on your personal needs and preferences. In general, it is a modern and well-connected city, with a high-quality telecommunications infrastructure, extensive accommodation options, and an enviable culture and nightlife.

However, it is important to keep in mind that Madrid is a large and busy city, which means that the cost of living in it can be high, both in terms of housing and its supplies, and especially in the more central and tourist areas.

Also, traffic congestion can be a challenge for some people, but nothing that cannot be solved with an optimal and fast public transport network that includes metro, bus and commuter trains.

Benefits of teleworking in Madrid

As we have already told you, living and teleworking in Madrid is a bittersweet matter: you have to be prepared to adapt your life to the conditions of the city. However, the Spanish capital also brings with it a large number of advantages such as the following:

Quality of life

Madrid offers an excellent quality of life, with a large number of parks, museums, art galleries and cultural activities, which means that working from home does not mean giving up social life and leisure.

Transportation Options

Madrid has a wide variety of public transportation options, including the metro, buses, and commuter trains, making getting around the city very easy and efficient. Also, if you need to travel to other cities in Spain or Europe, Madrid has an international airport with flights to many parts of the world.

Employment Opportunities

Madrid is a cosmopolitan city with a diverse and strong economy, which means there are many employment opportunities in a wide variety of industries and sectors.

Pleasant climate

Madrid has a continental Mediterranean climate, with cold winters and hot, sunny summers, meaning you can enjoy the outdoors for much of the year.

The best places to telework in Madrid

Have you decided to telework in Madrid, but you prefer not to stay at home all day? Walk us through some of the best workspaces to move your office from home. You won’t want to get out of them!

Federal Cafe

Federal Café is a café and restaurant located in the Conde Duque neighborhood of Madrid. The brand has its origins in Australia and has expanded to various cities in Europe, including Madrid.

The atmosphere of the place is relaxed and informal, with a modern and cozy decoration that invites you to stay to work or enjoy a meal or drink while teleworking in Madrid. A light and airy space with wooden tables, plants and a coffee bar.

The Central, in Callao

Crossing the Plaza de Callao and going down Postigo de San Martín Street, you will find one of the most famous bookstores in Madrid: La Central. Three floors full of tomes that surround a small, well-kept, natural and intimate cafeteria.

The atmosphere is young, giving space every week to hundreds of groups of students who meet at the premises to have a coffee while they work or finish a university assignment. It is one of the best known, so we recommend you not to miss it despite being in the very center of the city.

Coworking The Factory

Coworking La Fábrica is a popular option among telecommuters, entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for a comfortable, creative and well-equipped workspace, as well as the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other professionals in a pleasant and stimulating environment.

Set in a minimalist decoration with wooden tables, plants and different separate spaces, coworking presents one of the best options if you don’t want to telework alone at home and prefer to interact with other people.


Are you looking for another coworking space that is more central? In Chamberí or Salamanca you can find LOOM, a company that offers different workspaces, from shared positions to private offices, meeting rooms and spaces for events. In addition, it also has common areas such as a terrace, a library and a shared kitchen.

In addition, the space is designed to encourage networking and collaboration between coworkers, with a community of professionals from different sectors and disciplines. Events and activities are even organized to encourage the exchange of ideas and the creation of synergies!

Retirement Library

Have you ever gone to the retirement library to study or telework in Madrid? At the end of the park, among the trees and next to a stone path, you can find a small transparent building where students usually go to spend hours studying.

As we tell you, the Retiro Library is a popular option among Madrid residents looking for a quiet and relaxed space, with a wide variety of resources and services available. However, it is important to note that it is a public space and can be quite crowded at certain times and days.

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