Galleries and exhibitions in Madrid

Bring out your most intellectual and artistic side with the most popular exhibitions in Madrid. Do you want to go to a gallery to see your favorite work, or soak up the cultural spirit of the city? The capital hides some of the best valued alternative collections in the country, and you cannot miss them.

For this reason, from Booking Madrid we have compiled a complete list with all the types of exhibitions in Madrid: from the most modern to the most different. The galleries that hide works by historical or revelation artists. We tell you!

What day are the museums in Madrid free?

On May 18 of each year, Madrid celebrates International Museum Day, a unique experience that seeks to make citizens aware of the importance of artistic dissemination and the conservation of art exhibitions in the world.

That day you can find many of these galleries open to the public, at a reduced price or totally free, so we advise you to schedule your day to attend the most interesting exhibitions in the city.

Why enjoy art exhibitions in Madrid?

There are many reasons to visit art exhibitions in Madrid, since it is the capital of Spain and the epicenter of art in the country, but we could highlight the following factors to highlight:

World-class art exhibitions

Madrid is the heart of many renowned museums and art galleries, such as the Prado Museum or the Reina Sofía Museum, both of which house some of the best art in the world.

Wide variety of works of art

The capital offers a wide variety of art exhibitions, from ancient to contemporary, including painting, sculpture, photography, digital art and more. In no other city in the country will you find this variety.

Cultural experience

Visiting an art exhibition is a unique opportunity to learn about the culture and history of a place, and in the city there are several focused on transmitting the chronicle of the city.

Opportunity to see unique works

Some art exhibits are one-of-a-kind and only shown for a limited time, making them more worthwhile and not to be missed. Study the cultural agenda and don't miss the key dates for your exhibitions in Madrid.

In summary, visiting art exhibitions in Madrid is an enriching and educational cultural experience that you cannot miss if you visit the city.

Best-known galleries in Madrid

There are many well-known art galleries in Madrid that keep unique exhibitions within their walls. Here are some of the most prominent

  1. Reina Sof√≠a National Art Center Museum: This museum houses some of the most important works of 20th century Spanish art, including Pablo Picasso’s famous work, “Guernica”.
  2. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum: A private museum, home to an impressive collection of European art from the Middle Ages to the 1980s.
  3. Mapfre Foundation: This gallery focuses on contemporary art and has a wide collection of works by Spanish and international artists.
  4. COAM Art Room: This contemporary art space is one of the largest and most active in Madrid and has a wide variety of exhibitions and educational programs.
  5. Juana de Aizpuru Gallery: This private gallery is known for its focus on contemporary art and features a wide variety of works by artists from around the world.
  6. White Gallery Berlin: Known for its focus on contemporary art, it has a wide variety and exhibition of works by different well-known artists.

4 exhibitions in Madrid that you cannot miss

And if you want to look for an exhibition in Madrid of avant-garde or alternative art? ? If you visit the city and you fancy discovering the most diverse galleries in the capital, we will tell you about the 3 that are succeeding and that have gathered thousands of people at their doors.

Museum of Illusions

Do you want to experiment with perception and visual illusions in a fun space? This exhibition in Madrid brings together various exhibits that play with your mind and allow you to bring out your most instagramer side, including an optical maze, a room of mirrors, a room of perspective illusions and much more.

ūüďć Ideal Cinema C. del Dr Cortezo, 8, 28012 Madrid

Hergé. The Exhibition

The Herg√© exhibition is an exhibition dedicated to the creator of the comic series “The Adventures of Tintin”, Georges Remi, known by his pen name Herg√©. This exhibition in Madrid has also been presented in various cities and has been very popular among comic book fans.

Among his works, we can see a wide variety of originals by Hergé, including drawings, sketches and previously unpublished scenes from the adventures of Tintin. It also includes personal items and archival material, as well as interactive activities and games.

ūüďć Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid

Dalí challenge

An immersive space where visitors will be able not to see, but to feel and experience first-hand the works of the famous artist Salvador Dalí. Follow the journey of his life through his paintings and discover the most unique setting in this exhibition in Madrid, where magic becomes part of the visit.

ūüďć Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid

Sweet Space

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