Swimming pools in Madrid

Summer hits the city warmer each year, and the people of Madrid put their strategy into action to spend July and August in the capital. The Madrid’s swimming pools become the stars of weekday afternoons and Sunday mornings, becoming one more attraction in any neighborhood.

Would you like to spend the long summer mornings in one of these swimming pools, both municipal and private? We tell you everything you need to know to get your tickets at the perfect time.

When do the pools open in Madrid?

One of the most recurring questions is the month in which the pools in Madrid open their doors, since these should coincide with the first heat wave of the summer, around the end of May.

In general, both the municipal and private pools usually have a fixed schedule from June to September, , although it is always important to check with the local administration or the pool’s website to obtain up-to-date and accurate information on their schedules.

Also, if you talk about the day, the pools in Madrid usually open early in the morning (approximately 9:00 or 10:00), close for lunch (2:00 or 3:00 p.m) and reopen in the afternoon in a second shift (4:00 to 8:00 p.m).

The best municipal swimming pools in Madrid

There are several municipal swimming pools in Madrid that are popular with both locals and tourists, sometimes even better equipped and larger than many private ones. Do you already know them?

Miguel Hernández Municipal Pool

The Miguel Hernández Pool is one of the largest and most popular municipal pools in Madrid. Located in the San Blas neighborhood, it offers a wide variety of sports and recreational facilities for all ages.

It has several outdoor pools, including an Olympic pool, una a children’s pool and a wave pool. There is also a solarium area and a garden with loungers for sunbathing.

La Elipa Municipal Pool

This municipal swimming pool is an outdoor swimming pool that is located in the La Elipa neighborhood, in the city of Madrid, and that offers a wide variety of sports and recreational facilities for all ages.

In addition, it has a wide range of sports facilities, including tennis courts, a running track and a gym. They also make various activities available to visitors for all ages, from baby swimming to adult swimming lessons.

Vicente del Bosque Municipal Sports Center

The best-known municipal swimming pool in Madrid, located in the Fuencarral neighborhood and with impressive views of the 4 towers of Plaza de Castilla. You can enjoy a bathing area, sun loungers and green elements to cover visitors from the sun’s rays during the summer day.

Also, if we talk about the sports center, it has a wide range of sports facilities with tennis courts, a running track and a gym. . They also offer classes and activities for all ages.

Luis Aragonés Sports Center

The Luis Aragonés Sports Center is a popular option for Madrid residents of the capital, and more specifically for residents of the Simancas area who seek to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and the sports and recreational facilities of an outdoor sports complex.

With four outdoor pools and large green areas, you can fully enjoy the complex without worrying about capacity. In addition, fair tickets are sold so that there is space for everyone.

Puerta de Hierro Sports Park

In the vicinity of Monte de El Pardo is the Puerta de Hierro Sports Park, sports facilities that include a golf course, paddle tennis courts, a rugby field, a tennis court, a shooting range, volleyball and fronton.

But the jewel in the crown is the municipal swimming pool, with three pools linked together and large green areas, where almost 1,600 people gather every day.

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