Where to eat in Madrid

Where to eat in Madrid?

Spanish tongues say that the mind is conquered through the stomachand Spain is the truest representation of a pure love for the culture, society and, above all, the gastronomy of a country. From Mediterranean to Galician cuisine, each territory feeds the soul of those who visit it with the most authentic recipes.

The capital is not far behind, becoming the center of an unprecedented culinary tradition. If you decide to visit it, where to eat in Madrid becomes one of the priorities in your travel guide; Well, to know the history of each corner of the city, you must also know its dishes.

That is why our team has set to work to create a list of the best places to eat in Madrid That is why our team has set to work to create a list of the best places to eat in Madrid according to your needs and preferences: if you go with children, if you want to have a romantic date, if you want a photo authentic in one of the best-known places in the city… You dare?

How to find the best restaurants in Madrid?

Todiscover the culture of a place , there is nothing better than trusting tourism professionalsor the opinion of the locals themselves.In this case, the people of Madrid who were born in the city and who know every corner of the capital.

And if you don’t know anyone who lives in the center and who can guide you? You can always go to tourism specialists who will make you a guide to the best restaurants to eat their most traditional cuisine in Madrid.

You can also trust us, we have the support of hundreds of inhabitants who trust the internet to leave their opinions, their reviews, their photos and their Madrid gastronomy itineraries. Madrid gastronomy We have compiled the most frequented and best rated places just for you! You just have to keep reading.

The typical dishes of Madrid cuisine

When we think of the capital, we tend to believe that it contains all the traditional dishes of Spanish culture, but nothing is further from the truth: Madridhas its own kitchen, known for itsvariety of meats, stews, soups, and tapas. Do you want to know which ones you can’t miss? We tell you:

Madrid stew

It is a dish that brings together the essence of traditional Madrid cuisine. in a A selection of chickpeas, chorizo, black pudding, bacon, ham, veal and vegetables such as carrots, cabbage and potatoes.are cooked in a clay pot such as carrots, cabbage and potatoes. The secret of this dish lies in the slowness of the fire and the precision in time.

This symbol of the Community of Madrid is a dish that almost invites you to share it with friends and family , to sit together around the table and talk while enjoying each bite of your stew.

Madrid-style tripe

This dish, which combines beef tripe, chorizo ​​and blood sausage, is cooked with a sauce of onion, garlic, paprika and other secret seasonings (for many traditional cooks) The result is a dish with a smooth and juicy consistency, with a spicy and savory flavor that leaves an indelible mark on the palate.

Squid sandwich

If you are thinking about where to eat in Madrid and you want a cheap and accessible option, the squid sandwich is another of the typical dishes that you cannot miss, especially if you eat it in one of the most famous squares in the capital: the Plaza Mayor, which gathers around it a selection of authentic locals.

Fried eggs

Starry eggs are a simple but tasty dish that has become an essential part of Madrid cuisine.. The recipe is simple: fried eggs in olive oil and accompanied by fried potatoes, ham and sometimes also chorizo ​​or black pudding They can be found in almost any bar or restaurant in the city.

Spicy potatoes

The most characteristic tapa if you are looking for where to eat in Madrid! Who has not had tapas at some of the venues in the capital with a good plate of potatoes with brava sauce? We recommend any Los Chicos bar, in Chamberí or Goya, renowned for cooking one of the best sauces in the city.

The best places to eat in Madrid

Still don’t know where to eat in Madrid? Well, prepare your notebook, because we will tell you which are the best places and restaurants depending on your tastes or needs, who you are traveling with or what dish you cannot miss.

Eating with children in Madrid

A plan with children can always get complicated, but below we give you a list of places where the cuisine menu shines for its variety and has options for all ages.

Original places to eat in Madrid

Visiting Madrid gives you the opportunity to eat in restaurants famous for their decoration or atmosphere An instagrammable photo in the most frequented place in the city? A drink while listening to the sound of nature in the center of Madrid? It’s done!

Eat cheap in Madrid

For those who prefer to make a low cost trip and enjoy the magic of Madrid gastronomy on a reduced budget, there are also cheap places to eat in Madrid that will not leave you indifferent. We tell you!

Places to eat in the center of Madrid

Do you want to experience traditional cuisine in the center of the capital? Nothing like an almost immersive experience to enjoy the most traditional Madrid in one of the almost mythical places most frequented by the people of Madrid.

The best terraces to eat in the center of Madrid

It is always a success to have one of the Madrid dishes while the air brushes your face on a spring afternoon, and for this there are terraces equipped and decorated to create a unique experience in the center of the capital.

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