Eat cheap in Madrid

Is eating cheap in Madrid an impossible mission? We say no. Bars and restaurants with prices below ten euros are hard to find, but they are not non-existent; they can be found in any corner of the city, waiting to be discovered.

This is why we exist, the trusted guides written by locals, who teach you how to get around the capital without spending so much money and tell you which are the cheapest restaurants in Madrid to spend just enough on gastronomy.

In other words, this is a route for travelers who have a smaller budget, for students, for young people who want to have a delicious but cheap dinner in the center of the city.. Do you take the step with us?

Is it cheap to eat in Madrid?

Going out for lunch or dinner in Madrid is not, what is said, an economic plan. Prices in the capital are usually higher than in other Spanish cities due to the income of its inhabitants and the standard of living in the center, and for this reason it is usually around 20-30 € per departure.

The reality is that you can find everything: from much more expensive accounts in renowned restaurants, to places whose average ticket is more suited to what you are looking for.. Can you eat cheap in Madrid? Of course! But the offer will be scarcer than in any other territory, you just have to know where to look.

Where can I have breakfast with little money?

Before telling you which are the cheapest bars or restaurants in Madriddo you want to have breakfast in a cheap place in the center? We recommend some places like La Rollerie, San Ginés (yes, the famous chocolate shop) or Rodilla, the most famous chain in the capital.

These are the typical ones that you will find in the very center of Madrid or in many other neighborhoods of the city, which is why they have the lowest prices. For example, a coffee at 1.76 €.

5 cheap places to eat in Madrid

Do you want to enjoy the best restaurants or bars to eat at a cheap price in Madrid? We roll up our sleeves and are ready to tell you about the places you can’t miss if you’re on a tight budget.

Cider house El Tigre

Located in las Infantas Street and in Hortaleza Street (due to their fame, they have two establishments in the central Chueca neighborhood), The Tiger is a place to go with friends and enjoy food and drinks with the cheapest prices in the capital.

One of the most striking things about The Tiger are their tapas, which are served free with every drink. These are very (very very very) generous and varied, from patatas bravas and croquettes to empanadillas and sandwiches. In fact, the quantity served is so large that it is enough to make a complete dinner.

El Respiro, for lovers of tapas

What makes El Respiro, in addition to being one of the cheapest places to eat in the center of Madrid, really special is its cozy atmosphere.. It is a place where you can talk quietly listen to good music and enjoy the best treatment with the bar staff.

Now for the good: this one offers a selection of tapas and sharing plates with an exorbitant quantity and excellent quality, plus the dishes are prepared with great care. The most outstanding could be the croquettes, the empanadas, the salads and the broken egg dishes.

Don Oso, your trusted hamburger

If you usually move around the Chamberí neighborhood, the Don Oso hamburger restaurant will probably ring a bell for you, the cheapest option to eat in Madrid if you fancy a delicious, fast and, above all, economical alternative.

With two establishments located in Donoso Cortés Street and Meléndez Valdés Street, there are thousands of people who pass by its American bar every year to ask for its famous burguer for less than 5 €. The perfect option if you are also going with children!

Pez Tortilla, the temple of the omelet

And what about lovers of this traditional dish who need a cheap option? If you visit Malasaña and tour Pez Street, you will find a small establishment with only 5 tables that sells out every day with its famous tortilla dishes.. The reason: they are not only delicious, but they have a wide variety of flavors.

Our favorite is the Brie cheese, truffle and ham omelet, but you can also ask for some alternatives such as Parmesan, basil and dried tomato; with black pudding and caramelized pepper or sobrassada, camembert and caramelized onion, among others. And for the low price of 3 €!

Los Rotos, a different option in the capital

For those staying in a hostel far from the center, to the north, you can find Los Rotos next to the Guzmán el Bueno metro stop.. It is a famous establishment in the Chamberí neighborhood for its cheap prices and its varied menu, which includes its star dish: an open bread muffin with food inside, such as serrano ham and cheese.

If you want to eat cheaply in Madrid, but get away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre We recommend you to go to this establishment. You can not lose this!

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