Original places to eat in Madrid

Madrid is synonymous with eccentricity, innovation and, above all, posture. These days, if you live or are on a city break and don’t get your picture taken at one of its trending restaurants, you might as well have never been there. A place with this variety, it is almost a sin not to make the most of it.

From fully immersive spaces, through those with a magical setting, to those that use the senses to make you live a different experience, the Spanish capital becomes the cradle of a bizarre gastronomic venture.

Always with their mobile in hand, there are hundreds of influencers who visit the most original restaurants in Madrid every day to create quality content with an exhibition of colors, senses and disruptive spaces.

Do you want to know the most original places to eat in Madrid during the most spectacular weekend of your life? It is time for you to start pointing one by one at the places that we are going to tell you about.

Original restaurants to eat in the center of Madrid

You have come to the right place, because at Booking Madrid we have got down to work to tell you which are the most original places to eat in Madrid, perfect to fill your social networks with fantasy. Do we tell you?

Rosi La Loca Restaurant

This eccentric and colorful restaurant in the center of the capital is set in a garden from Alice in Wonderland and references a famous Spanish actress from the 1920s named Rosario Pino, nicknamed “Rosi La Loca”. The last thing you can’t miss in the most important city in the country!

The restaurant offers an authentic gastronomic experience in a rustic and cozy atmosphere, with a wide variety of traditional dishes presented in an innovative way on very special crockery. Do you want to discover it?

Hopefully Restaurant

The upper part of this restaurant located in the heart of Malasaña is decorated with the latest trends in interior design: original, Instagrammable and intimate spaces to eat or have an aperitif at noon.. And it is that the jewel in the crown is in the basement, just down the stairs at the back of your premises.

In a cozy and warm atmosphere, you can discover the famous Madrid beach on the ground floor of the premises; a space with sand, sun loungers and tables to eat in a relaxed atmosphere, as if you were having a mojito in a beach bar in Malaga. You can not lose this!

Bel Mondo

If any restaurant has stood out above the rest in Madrid in recent years, that is Bel Mondo, the quintessential Italian gastronomic venue that has already captivated thousands of Madrid residents. With two-week waiting lists and a sold out every weekend, the latest in cooking experiences has arrived in the city.

Still don’t have your photo on the most famous stairs in the capital, or a video eating carbonara directly from a giant Parmesan cheese? If you visit the city, you cannot miss this original place to eat in Madrid.

Bloom Cafe

Yes, we know that this is not what a restaurant is called, but you can eat and that is enough for us to show you this marvelous restaurant setting. Going down some stairs inside Alberto Aguilera’s Salvador Bachiller, you will find a magical place to have a snack or snack with your friends.

It is one of the most original places to eat in Madrid, and it is set in a garden covered with pink flowers and lights.. All this while having your favorite coffee or dessert at tables and chairs that could have come from Thumbelina’s story. We will wait for you!

Dans le noir?

Dans le Noir has a peculiarity that makes it unique: it is eaten in complete darkness.. An experience that begins with a reception in a bar, where diners can enjoy a drink before entering the dining room, and then a blind guide takes them to the dining room, where the lights are turned off and dinner is eaten in total darkness.

The idea behind it is that, by depriving one of the senses, in this case sight, the other senses are sharpened, allowing diners to enjoy more intensely the flavors, smells and textures of the food.a. The menu is a surprise, and you won’t know what you’re going to eat until you try the dish. Herein lies the magic!

Do you already know all the original places to eat in Madrid? You can continue browsing our website and discover everything you need to discover the capital in a weekend, are you ready? We tell you!

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