Places to eat in the center of Madrid

Are you visiting the capital and want to know the places to eat in the center of Madrid? The city has in its historic center the largest variety of restaurants, bars and venues with gastronomy as diverse as its population, from the most alternative Asian restaurant to traditional Madrid cuisine.

If you walk through the streets of its oldest area, where Gran Vía, Paseo del Prado and Atocha Street, you will find establishments that bring together the best of each country or culture: that is Madrid, diversity.

However, if you are still somewhat lost and need the help of experts in places to eat in the center of Madrid (yes, we are talking about us), we will tell you which are those places that you cannot miss if you are in the area of Puerta del Sol Get ready!

The best restaurants to eat in Madrid Center

Whether you are in Madrid passing through or if you already consider yourself a Madrid native, we will tell you which are the places to eat in the center that are on our list of essentials.. International cuisine or typical gastronomy, all from the hand of Booking Madrid.

La Bola, the best stew in Madrid

La Bola restaurant is one of the most emblematic places in the center of Madrid, serving typical Castilian dishes since 1870. It is located two streets away from the Royal Palace, in the historic center of the city, and Itit is a very popular place among locals and tourists.

The star dish at La Bola is the “cocido madrileño”which is served in three turns: soup, chickpeas with vegetables, and, finally, a selection of meats and sausages This dish is so famous that the recipe has been kept a secret for generations,with only the family that owns the restaurant knowing all the details. You can not lose this!

Asia en la mesa, by hand from Yatai Market

The Yatai Market is a gastronomic market inspired by Asian street food stalls, which offers a wide variety of culinary options in an informal and modern environment full of neon signs, booths and a large terrace for those who prefer to enjoy the temperature and atmosphere from Madrid.

As for gastronomy, you will find a large selection of food stalls specializing in Asian cuisine, from Japanese ramen, Chinese dumplings, Vietnamese pho, to Thai, Indian and Korean dishes. There is something for everyone!

Italian Cuisine at Lettera Trattoria Moderna

And if you fancy Italian cuisine? Lettera Trattoria, located next to Gran Vía, has a modern style in every corner of its establishment, with an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, where you can enjoy a unique gastronomic experience for lovers of Italian food.

The owners of the venue pride themselves on using fresh, high-quality ingredients in their dishes, and their menu is made up of a variety of traditional recipes as well as modern and innovative creations. The most famous? His pasta carbonara!

A bit of Madrid in La Campana

To try the famous calamari sandwiches in the capital, we have an unavoidable destination: Madrid’s Plaza Mayor, about 5 minutes from Sol Throughout the wide variety of bars and restaurants that are found there, you can find dishes typical like this sandwich. We recommend it if it is your first time in the city.

And since we are recommending, you can go to La Campana, the most famous and cheapest of all.. But beware! Because if you arrive very late, you will probably find the establishment full and with a long waiting line.

San Miguel Market, mandatory stop

Ok, yes, we know. The San Miguel market is not the best option if your budget is limited, but it is a mandatory stop, even if it is to have an aperitif before your reservation in a good restaurant.

The San Miguel Market, built in 1916, has a wide variety of stalls with a wide selection of local and international products, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, shellfish, cheeses, olives, chocolates, wines and beers. In addition, there are several food stalls that offer tapas, sandwiches, pizzas and other dishes to eat.

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