The best terraces to eat in Madrid

Do you want to live a 100% Spanish experience in the capital of the country? Eating on a terrace in Madrid is a recurring activity among Madrid residents at any time of the week; either during a break from work, on a Friday afternoon or on a Sunday to have a beer in the sun. Tradición y costumbre, lo llaman.Tradition and custom, they call it.

The reality is that there are hundreds of rooftops and bar terraces where you can eat in Madrid, some from the heights of Gran Vía, with a panoramic view of the city, to others from the most hidden corners of La Latina, almost as a family.

We do not want to reveal anything to you before you enter the the most important terraces in the city,but we will list the strategic points of the city that cannot be missing from your list of priorities. Do you want to eat with friends in a young and dynamic environment? This is your site. Want eat with friends in a young and dynamic environment?? This is your site.

Why organize a meal on the terraces of Madrid?

Eating on a terrace in Madrid is a unique experience that combines local gastronomy with the vibrant and welcoming atmosphere of the city. Time can change your decision, but do you know why you should choose it?

The climate of Madrid, warm and sunny

most of the year, makes eating outdoors a very pleasant and refreshing time. In addition, many terraces have umbrellas or awnings to protect you from the sun during the hottest months.

Unique and cozy atmosphere

The atmosphere counts as another point in favor, and that is that Madrid's terraces have a unique and cozy atmosphere, ideal for enjoying a quiet meal with your partner or for spending a pleasant time with friends and family.

And the food?

Madrid is known for its rich gastronomy, and the city's terraces offer a wide variety of local and international dishes, from tapas to more elaborate dishes

The view

When it comes to terraces in buildings in Madrid; that is, roofs; These offer impressive panoramic views of the city's skyline, while others are located in squares or pedestrian streets that allow you to enjoy the atmosphere of the city while eating.

5 terraces to eat in Madrid that you cannot miss

If it is in your plans to spend the afternoons or meals on a terrace in Madrid, you have come to the right place. From Booking Madrid we tell you what are some of the rooftops and terraces that you have to visit in the Spanish capital. Now or never!

Picalagartos Terrace

This terrace on Gran Vía is an ideal place to enjoy the panoramic view of the city while enjoying a delicious meal or a cocktail. . It is located in the heart of the city, and its menu is based on Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine, with an innovative and creative touch.

The rooftop is spacious and modern, with a minimalist and elegant decoration. It has a cocktail bar, comfortable tables and chairsand areas with sofas to enjoy the panoramic view of the city. In addition, it is heated, which allows you to enjoy the terrace throughout the year.

El Jardín Secreto, by Salvador Bachiller

This terrace to eat in Madrid is a unique and charming space located in the heart of Madrid, in the Montera Street It is located on the roof of the main building of the accessories and accessories brand Salvador Bachiller, so you will have to go up to the top floor of the store to get there.

The terrace is an oasis of calm in the bustle of the city, surrounded by greenery and decorated in a vintage and bohemian style. . It has different spaces and corners, such as a hammock area, an open-air library, a bar, and several tables and chairs that could be taken from Bridgerton itself.

El viajero, in La Latina

It is a terrace in the neighborhood of La Latina that is located in a street of the city, close to the most famous theater and the main leisure area. It is located in a three-story house that has been carefully restored to retain its original charm and which today houses the bar that gives it its name.

The terrace is located on the roof of the building and is accessed through an external staircase. It has several rooms including a covered interior patio,a bar, a dining room, and a very cozy outdoor seating area with panoramic views of the neighborhood.

Raimunda Restaurant

It is a cozy and modern place that pays homage to the owner’s grandmother, whose name is the same as the restaurant. The decoration is very careful, almost like the place seems from a story or the back area of a palace.

Among the most outstanding dishes of the restaurant (because remember that we have come to eat) are rice, meat and fish,but they also have vegetarian and vegan options.

Terrace of the San Antón market

It is a very lively space that is usually quite crowded by the inhabitants of the neighborhood, especially on weekends. It is a perfect place to enjoy a pleasant afternoon or evening with friends or as a couple, while enjoying the views and tasting the delicious food and drink options offered in the market.

And if you want to have a drink? Once night fallsthe most electric atmosphere reaches the terrace to offer a unique leisure area in the neighborhood Remember that Chueca is one of the coolest places in the city, so make the most of your visit and make the most of it.

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