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If you have decided to come to Madrid and have a good time in a different and original way, Balloon Museum is the best you could find. This temporary interactive inflatable art space has already triumphed in Milan, Paris and Rome and hopes to travel to other cities in the world such as New York or Berlin, but, yes, it has first passed through Madrid.

And it is that, surely, you have heard of this experience that is spreading so much on social networks, especially on TikTok and Instagram. Pop Air Balloon Museum can be enjoyed from March 18 to July 23 (Monday to Sunday) at the Puerta del Ángel Stage located in the Casa de Campo Fairgrounds.

The experience

Pop Air Balloon MuseumIt was devised by a team of creators of contemporary art exhibitions with works that have air as a distinctive element. In fact, this is its main theme, since everyone who enters the museum can enjoy a journey through large-scale installations in unexpected ways where immersion and interaction lead to a most peculiar experience.

The Pop Air exhibition has several works in its Madrid edition, including the famous environmental installation Aria, The Breath Immersive Experience by Pepper’s Ghost studio.

For its part, Pop Air Balloon Museum offers an immersive experience, a digital interpretation of inflatable art where the visitor is enveloped by a multitude of balloons lost in the air, where physics and metaphysics gain greater relevance and a new meaning.

In addition to all this, if you go to the Pop Air Balloon Museum, you can enjoy the work Airship Orchestra by the creative team Eness. You will be transported to a star-filled world at night, filled with galaxies and stardust, as you are immersed in volumetric sound and the rhythmic pulsation of light.

Most interesting of all, the exhibition became truly famous when it was featured in an episode of the hit Netflix series “Emily in Paris”, in which Lily Collins visits this museum, which includes a giant ball pit, light sculptures and original inflatable facilities.

Since then, this art to touch, experience and share, never still, has become a sensation for those who visit it and experience it firsthand. Without a doubt, an experience for the whole family.

Dates, times and prices

  • You can visit the Pop Air Balloon Museum from Monday to Sunday.

End date of the exhibition: Until July 23.

Check the opening and closing hours on its official website.

  • Ticket price (depending on whether it is a family, individual, or minor pack):

General admission: between €18 and €20 (depending on the day of the week)

Children between 4 and 12 years old: between €14 and €16 (depending on the day of the week)

VIP ticket: €25

Family pack (2 adults + 2 minors): €12.50-15 per person

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