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If you are thinking of coming to Madrid and you don’t feel like going to the typical places, monuments and museums, we recommend that you do something very special. If you are a lover of good music, shows and, above all, enjoying yourself, you cannot miss he Pulitzer and Tony Award-winning show that was on Broadway for twelve years in a row: Tick, Tick… Boom!, which now will take place on the spectacular stage of the Gran Teatro Caixa Bank Príncipe Pío.

And it is that, once again, the Gran Teatro CAIXABANK Príncipe Pío surprises us again with the magnificence of its presence every Friday in May. This historical theater in Madrid, founded in 1910, with impressive architecture and decoration, hosts a wide variety of shows, from operas and ballets to concerts and plays and, in this case, the month of May becomes the main stage for Tick, tick… Boom! making the new CAIXABANK Príncipe Pío Grand Theater an essential place for the cultural experience in Madrid.

Keep reading and discover everything you need to know if you have decided to come to Madrid and live a unique and magical cultural experience, full of passion, struggle and great fundamental values ​​for the whole family.

The show

In case you don’t know exactly what the story of Tick Tick… ​​Boom! is about, it follows the life of Jon, an aspiring songwriter who works as a waiter in New York while writing what he hopes will be the next great American musical.

Meanwhile, Jon feels the pressure from his partner and his best friend, who try to convince him that maybe, with his 30th birthday coming up, it’s too late to keep fighting for his dream. However, of course, and how could it be otherwise, the protagonist will not give up so easily. He is played by the well-known actor Daniel Diges.

Undoubtedly, a show for the whole family, with a duration of 90 minutes and a wide variety of seats to choose from Tick ​​Tick… ​​Boom! It seems to be the phenomenon of the moment if you go to Madrid. Therefore, take advantage and do not miss the opportunity to get your tickets, they sell out fast!

An unique and cultural event suitable for all audiences where music, passion and joy (as well as optimism, struggle and self-improvement) will be the protagonists of Friday afternoons in May and teaches us a valuable lesson that we cannot miss. Don’t miss an intimate musical by one of the most famous playwrights, creator of the hit musical RENT.

Dates, times and prices

  • Date

Tick Tick… Boom!it will only be available in the month of May, on Fridays:

Friday May 5

Friday May 12

Friday May 19

Friday May 26

  • Schedule:

It is only available every Friday at 7:00 p.m. Duration of 90 minutes.

  • Prices: :

From 12.60 euros, general admission to 28 euros, the stalls. You can buy them or find out about everything right here.

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