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Actors need applause just as much as you need us to discover an unprecedented musical show. On stage, mythical stories merge under the heat of the spotlights, film sets, actors who make history, and an audience that follows every scene.


A direct portal to history, a space where time seems to stand still to transport us to another era, another universe. When touring the rooms of Madrid’s museums, one feels that art comes to life before their eyes and opens a window to the past and the future; an invitation to travel through our culture is unfolded.


In Madrid, the night puts on its festive attire and lights up on stages where magic, emotion, and art come together. Madrid’s theaters are sacred places of interpretation, where actors and actresses take the audience to other worlds, other lives, other realities. It’s a unique opportunity to spend a different evening in the capital. A different opportunity to spend your night in the capital.


Need a guide to point you towards the best shows in Madrid? Check the list available on Booking Madrid and quickly and easily get your tickets to experience an unprecedented show in the capital. The best way to discover culture is to live it.


Do you want to feel the soul of Andalusia from the center of Madrid? It is said that a flamenco dance can shake the ground in a single show, but we are sure that it could shake every tile of Madrid if they wanted it to. Flamenco in Madrid takes on a new dimension and invites you to experience its culture.

Amusement parks

If you’re looking for a place that awakens the child within you, look no further than an amusement park in Madrid. Living a unique experience discovering moving shows, thrill rides, and a singular atmosphere that will transport you to another world can be the perfect plan for your trip to the capital.


Laughter is the language of the soul, and we want you to speak a lot during your getaway in the capital. Discover the best stand-up comedy shows in Madrid that have already captivated its residents with hilarious performances with your friends. Don’t know where to get your tickets? We are here when you need us.


Are you passionate about art and culture but tired of the same old museums? Madrid, the city that brings together art, culture, and history in its cobbled streets, creates new spaces every weekend where thousands of urban, alternative or widely known artists in their artistic field exhibit their works.


Original Events

Calling all non-conformists! This is your moment: Fever’s original events are designed to surprise you. Whether you want to attend a candlelit concert or a party listening to the latest hits. . we offer irresistible plans, carefully organized and created under our own label

Culture, Art, and Fashion

Experience culture, art and fashion in Madrid from another point of view. Each street hides a masterpiece waiting to be discovered. At we have the key to not miss a single one, will you risk letting it go?


Terraces and rooftops

Can you imagine having the world at your feet? We have selected the most exclusive terraces and rooftops so that you can enjoy your favorite drink from above. Incredible panoramic views will make up the perfect setting where you can meet your friends or partner and experience a unique moment.

Attractions, tours, and trips

The most adventurous and curious will surely appreciate knowing which are the routes and tours in Madrid that you cannot miss. A guided tour of Madrid de los Austrias, a night tour of the center to learn about the most succulent stories and legends of the city, or a day trip to other cities such as Toledo, Segovia or Aranjuez.



Live your favorite songs in first person. Relive your most played playlists in one place and at the same time with all five senses. No festival is the same, and at, we know it. That’s why we bring you the best concerts, so you don’t forget it either.

La Chocita del Loro

Laughter heals everything, and in Chocita del Loro they know it. He organizes your next getaway and leaves everything that worries you at the door. Here you can only enter to have a good time and forget about everything else. That is the only rule.


Activities and games

Do you want a cool plan without having to organize too much? There are no limits, these activities and games have been chosen to adapt to any type of plan (and day). Are you a fan of the automotive world? Perhaps a Formula 1 exhibition is the excursion you were looking to do for your next date as a couple.

Brunches in Madrid

A late breakfast or early lunch? Brunches in Madrid taste different and are a plan that never fails. The meeting point between those people who love to get up early and those who prefer to extend the night a few more minutes.


Adventure sports

If you are looking for strong emotions and spice up your life with a bit of adrenaline, we have what you are looking for! From we help you find original and affordable adventure sports. Whether it’s climbing the highest mountains, navigating rough waters, soaring through the sky with a paraglider or discovering the most hidden corners of nature, we have something for you.

Nightlife and clubs

With the party is guaranteed, whoever you are and whatever music you listen to. Find the best deals on nightlife and clubs in Madrid and enjoy a night like you’ve never experienced before. The best DJs are waiting for you!



Is there anything better than enjoying live music? We help you find concerts according to your tastes. From emerging bands to big international stars. The music is the protagonist, and the dance floor is the perfect place to drop all your worries.


If we talk about partying, music and fun, Fabrik is one of the most emblematic places in Madrid. Located in a former industrial warehouse, this club has one of the most immersive sound systems in Europe and is the perfect place for lovers of electronic music.


Gift cards

Is a special date coming up and you don’t know what to give? A gift card is what you are looking for. We all have a person who either has everything, or always answers that they don’t want anything as a gift. In that case, an experience together will always be a sure hit. What are you waiting for?

Mother's Day

What better way to give a gift than to give experiences? Although any day is good to tell her how much you love her, this date is a perfect opportunity to do something different.



For lovers of good food, this is your chance! Exploring a city through its flavors has never been so easy. Do you dare to check it out? Madrid is a city that prides itself on its varied gastronomic offer, from traditional cuisine to the most innovative flavors.


Attention moviegoers! It does not matter if you live for the classics of a lifetime or if you are up to date in independent cinema. We have an organized plan for you. How about an evening of cinema as a couple? Or maybe a movie night with friends to enjoy a movie and a good beer.


Experiences with accommodation in Madrid

Madrid is a city that offers a wide variety of experiences with accommodation for all tastes and budgets. From exclusive hotels to small, charming apartments, they all hide a story to discover.

Eslava Theater

In the heart of Madrid breathes the Eslava Theater, a magical place where dreams come to life. If you are looking for a unique experience, you cannot leave out spending a night within its walls.


Bono Cultural Joven

Last call for newcomers at 18! The Youth Cultural Bonus has arrived for the most curious young people in the Community of Madrid. If you have just reached the age of majority and you are a person with concerns and a desire to conquer the world, you can request this aid to receive unique promotions and discounts on cultural products and activities.

Candlelight Concerts

Concerts, whatever the genre, have an I don’t know what I don’t know. They envelop the public in a magical aura that transports them to another time, another generation or another life. Can you imagine? Well now think of a string quartet surrounded by candles in a solemn atmosphere.


Beauty and wellness

A relaxing massage, a facial or an afternoon taking care of your nails in one of the most TOP salons in the capital. Do you need to look for beauty and wellness plans in Madrid, but don’t know where to start looking for a trusted clinic? We tell you which are the best valued by users.

Drinks and Afterwork

You come 3pm in the afternoon. You finish your working day and what do you want more than an afterwork in one of the trendiest places in the capital? Turn off your company mobile and have fun with your coworkers in the center of Madrid. From a cocktail in the trendy place, to a wine tasting with unique tastings.


Outdoor activities

Did you know that the capital is not just buildings, noise and pollution? as you hear it Believe it or not, in the city there are hundreds of natural spaces that you can visit if you prefer outdoor plans in Madrid, such as going to the Sierra, visiting its parks and gardens or living an exotic experience in its rural areas.

Grupo Larrumba

The most elegant restaurants in Madrid, now in the palm of your hand. Enjoy a heart-stopping meal in a young and special atmosphere with the famous venues that are overshadowing each neighborhood of Madrid, from Malasaña to Plaza de Castilla. Do you already know them?


Magic and Mentalism

Let yourself be fooled by the dark arts of magic in the most impressive mentalism shows in Madrid. Live shows where you will discover an aspect of reality that until now you did not know and that will make you believe in a universe of sorcery and the occult, especially in events where you participate yourself.

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