Adventure sports

Madrid also offers a wide range of sports and adventure activities for those looking for a dose of adrenaline and excitement during their visit to the city. From outdoor activities to water and land sports, there are options for all tastes. Here are some ideas for sports and adventure lovers in Madrid, such as: Madrid Amusement Park, Madrid SnowZone, Madrid Rio, Amazonia Adventure Park, Karting Carlos Sainz, Madrid Fly, Hiking in the Sierra de Guadarrama, among others.

Afternoon of movies, bowling and minigolf at the Ice Palace

A top movie and game plan. A movie from the MK2 Palacio de Hielo Cinemas. A fun minigolf or bowling game. A drink to enjoy during the experience.

Bike rental in Madrid!

Bike rental for an adult. Starting point: Calle de los Jardines, 12. Approximate duration of the experience: 8 hours.

Horseback riding with lunch and accommodation for 2 people

Route monitor Safe for the activity Small prior practice on the track Availability of horses suitable for each level. The accommodation will be at the Hostal Restaurante La Tinaja, listed as one of the best restaurants in the southeast area of ​​the Community of Madrid.

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