If you like comedy, monologues in Madrid are an excellent option for a fun night out full of laughs. Monologues are popular in the Spanish comedy scene, and Madrid has several venues where you can enjoy live performances by local and international comedians. La Chocita del Loro is one of the most popular places to enjoy monologues in Madrid, with a wide variety of comedians offering performances in an intimate and cosy atmosphere. Other popular places to enjoy monologues in Madrid include Beer Station Comedy, La Vida Moderna Comedy Club, and Café La Flauta Mágica, among others. Enjoy a night full of laughter and entertainment with monologues in Madrid.

Monologue by David Guapo at the Gran Teatro Caixabank Príncipe Pío

One of the best comedians of the national scene, David Guapo. A family humor show that will not leave you indifferent. The spectacular setting of the Gran Teatro Caixa BankPríncipe Pío

Monologues in La Chocita del Loro Carabanchel

One of the most famous comedy stages in Madrid. All the monologues are from well-known comedians in the national humor scene. Snack options to enjoy during the performances

Sense of humor at the Gran Teatro Caixabank Príncipe Pío

Ticket for “El sentido del humor: Dos tontos y yo”, comedy show with José Mota, Santiago Segura and Florentino Fernández.

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